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Malaysian Business is back in business

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Business magazine will make a comeback at the newsstands beginning April after a hiatus of a little over a year.

The magazine will hit the stands in print format and carry an online edition with Dr Mohd Daud assuming the role of Editor-in-Chief.

The magazine’s last editor before it ceased publications temporarily in 2015 was Mior Azhar who returns to head the day-to-day editorial operations as Editor.

Malaysian Business which was first published in 1972 carries the reputation of the oldest English business publication.

It was part of the Berita Publishing group’s stable of books, lifestyle and business titles under the magazines and publishing arm of the New Straits Times group.

The Berita Publishing group was subsequently sold off to Datuk A Kadir Jasin before ceasing publishing operations due to the changing editorial and business climate.


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